Our task

The project is aimed at intellectual support and inspiration for the Ukrainian business community.
Thanks to the lectures, managers and entrepreneurs will gain the knowledge needed to restore or relaunch their activities, support business, military and civilians, as well as strengthen the Ukrainian economy after the Victory on the whole


The lectures provide knowledge needed to revive entrepreneurial activities, support business and military, provide assistance to civilians affected by the war, restore and strengthen the Ukrainian economy after the victory


MIM provides access to all Ukrainians who seek to strengthen and revive the national economy. On average, up to 40,000 people watch the streams or recordings.

Access of Ukrainian participants to lectures is free. In addition, access to the project’s website will be provided for participants from other countries


Recordings of lectures and related materials will be posted on the project’s website. Access to the site is free for the citizens of Ukraine.

Visitors from other countries will be charged a charity fee to attend the platform. The money received will be directed to support humanitarian projects in Ukraine

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To foreign academia and practitioners

If you want to share your knowledge, research, experience, and support the restoration and strengthening Ukraine, join the Reinforce.UA project!

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