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Surviving the storm: economic resilience in times of geopolitical disruption

31 May, 18:00 (GMT +3)

Едгар Брітцгі

Edgar Britschgi

Edgar C. Britschgi Wang has over 25 years experience in multi-cultural management, consulting with major corporations on business strategy, brand stewardship and change navigation and intercultural leadership started his career in marketing consulting.

After completing his studies in Switzerland, Germany, France and the United States, he worked as a consultant and marketing manager in several industries in Europe before moving to the United States. Back in Europe, he joined UBS to create and lead the Corporate Marketing Group. Under his leadership, the bank launched and successfully implemented the "One global bank - one global brand" strategy. Based on this experience, he was recruited by Accenture as a international partner to serve large bluechip companies in Europe and to lead marketing within ASG. He is a member of several supervisory and advisory boards of companies in Europe and Asia.

Since 2007, Edgar has served as Chairman of Combo Management, international consultants on business strategy, and advises major global corporations on business strategy, brand stewardship, reputation management and change navigation. He serves on the supervisory board of several corporations.

Edgar C. Britschgi Wang holds an MA and a MBA degree and he is a Visiting Professor at MIM International Business School, Kyiv and a lecturer at Global Brand Academy, Taipei. He previously held teaching assignments at Graduate School of Business / University of Maryland (Europe), Management Centre Europe Brussels, SIB Swiss Institute for Business Administration, Zurich and as guest lecturer at NTUT Taiwan and HSG Switzerland. He has published numerous articles and publications.

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